Ready for your custom artwork!

Never been used. I tested it after wiring it and everything works. I went ahead and updated the firmware on the MC Cthulu to 2.0.

Since no bites on this stick, I’m going to go ahead and part it out.

1 Black Machined Aluminum case by NHTRAN - This is the most solid custom case I’ve ever handled. includes top and bottom plastic asking $150 shipped.
SOLD 8 Seimitsu PS-14-KN 30mm Clear with white - 30
SOLD 4 Seimitsu PS-14-DNC 24mm Clear with black - 10
1 MC Cthulu 2.0 board - 30, fully assembled with wiring blocks
SOLD 4 Brushed Aluminum feet by Jinx - 10
1 JLF - 20
SOLD 1 Black Meshball

all of it is already wired. The board and wires are zip tied to anchors on the inside

If I get no bites in a week, I’ll just build a backup stick.





that looks crazy nice…

good luck with it… should sell fast…


that’s a sweet looking/clean joystick. Too bad I’m a 6 button fan. gl with your sale. :slight_smile:


thats y you cover it with art :slight_smile:
like this


That’s really pretty art work I beatu. I dig it!


lol na that aint mine just happen to see that randomly in the next thread i checked after my post lol


Hehe, that ones mine =) Still need to work on it but once i have time i will XD… but yeah slick lookin black ya got there =D

Free Bump for an awesome case and gl with ur sale!


Where was pic from toshinu?


To be honest, I have no clue what anime its from… could be even original character artwork from what i can tell… Ive just had that pic as a wallpaper for like ever and as soon as i got my hands on my NHTRAN i was like “That would be cool there!” and started working on the theme haha =)


If it makes it easier to sell, I may swap out the cthulu and install a paewang dual pcb of course price will be up for the dual mod


Hrmm. Must be the holidays. :stuck_out_tongue:


are the buttons brand new?


did you get that thing I sent you(30s/24s/Jinx)?


PM responded to for CI581


damn, I really want to get this. If I could sell my TE, I’ll buy it.

Question: Would you sell it as Case Only? if so, How much…


can’t read it because of the database error. :frowning:


can’t pm you cuz srk havin big time problems atm.

interested in the 4 Seimitsu PS-14-DNC 24mm Clear with black - 10

if you still got this, I’ll take it off your hands.
Just tell me where to send the payment.



I’ll take the Jinx feet, whenever SRK gets fixed


Niceeee dam i wanted that meshball i gotta be faster next time ):


payment sent for 30s/24s/Jinx