Wts: nib mvc2 ps3 te, 2 nib tvc se stick

Ok I have 3 NIB(New In Box) Sticks that i would like to sell.
1st up is the MVC2 TE for $100 plus shipping. This stick has not been used and has just been sitting in its pretty little box.

2nd and 3rd are two NIB TVC Sticks. Never opened never played with. $30 Each plus shipping
For $15 more i will throw in a metal replacement panel of whatever layout you would like(Hitbox, Astro, MK, etc)

(Pic Coming soon Camera SD Card was messing up)

If interested please send an email to
Please if you can help it do not pm. I hate this pm system.
Thanks for looking.

Hey bro check ur email…I’m extremely interested.

TE Sold.
The SEs are still up for grabs.