Wts nike sb prod akuma quickstrikes


Size 10
Practically new, worn once or twice
Looking for around 80$ ill cover shipping - taking offers.


did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:


how much shipped to toronto, canada?


How are they in size comparison to osiris, I wear 10 1/2 in osiris I havent wore Nikes in years do they run big?


yeah, i can send them in the box. im not taking trades though sorry, im in desperate need of $$$$$$

ill get back to you on that

couldn’t tell ya bro, sorry.


nevermind, I could fit into my nephew’s size 10 :confused:


also comes with red and white laces if i can find them


they’re yours for $80 unless someone offers more by then

edit: nvm :stuck_out_tongue:


still looking for offers


did you find the other laces?