WTS: Ninja Gaiden Jamma PCB

Ninja Gaiden: $45 shipped

Bump for price drop.

dibs on Z3 poster if you change your mind

Street Fighter(SOLD)

Price Drops

hey man, would you mind explaining the difference between the XRGB2 and the XRGB2+? I might be interested in the plus (I have a two which you might remember me talking to you about last year). I’m trying to find some specifics on the differences but if you wouldn’t mind giving me a real quick lowdown. Thanks!

Off the top of my head.

outputs 15kHz and 31kHz
can be used with arcade boards

outputs 31kHz and 47kHz
component input
4 levels of scan lines
more options in general
iirc English menus

sigh…Double post

Street Fighter Zero and Darkstalkers SOLD!

Updated with CHimp/MadCatz PCBs

Price drops:)

Would you consider some FL pricing on that PCB you got there ? ;X

Clean Chimp/360 wiring! I like it.

If you want to pick it up, sure:) PM me.

Thanks :smiley:

Messaged you on AIM - CaptRichPicard

Hey that wiring is crisp, where’d u get those wires?

That is just spare wire I had laying around. Probably left over from a supergun build:D

I must agree that is some super clean wiring i want to see a shot of the back of the fight pad pcb to see how you did start & select. those are the ones i dislike soldering when i hack a fightpad.

Bump for clean wiring & good luck w/ your sales

Aw man. If I wasn’t saving HARD right now I would so be on that pcb set :frowning:

hmm…willing to part with that garou poster only??


I will see how much I can buy shipping tubes for, how much shipping will cost, and send you some prices. Give me a day or two.