WTS: Ninjutsu/Martial Arts book collection

Be like Water
Taijutsu the art of unarmed combat - charles daniels
The mystic arts of the ninja - stephen k hayes
The way of the ninja - Massaki hatsumi
Secrets from the ninja grand master - massaki hatsumi
Essence of ninjutsu - massaki hatsumi
the grandmaster’s book of ninja training - massaki hatsumi
ninjutsu: art of the invisible warrior - stephen k hayes
Ninja and their secret fighting art - stephen k sayes
Ninjutsu: History and tradition - Massaki hatsumi
Pathnotes of an american ninja master - Morris

very well known teachers of ninjutsu including books by the grandmaster himself.

most books are 20-50$ retail

Looking for

100$ shipped

if paying paypal please include 30 cents + 4.7% fees

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will also sell individually for 5$ less than retail price.

10$ price drop

price drop to 60$!

thats 5$ per book almost!

including shipping!

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