WTS: Nintendo 3DS & games

Please do NOT try to haggle with me. If you are generous and want to offer more be my guest other wise don’t bother.

Send a PM if interested in any item.

Must pay for shipping cost

selling 3ds for $200 with all accessorizes and box.
Legend of Zelda:OOT - $25
Resident Evil:Mercenaries - $25

u should put if prices include shipping

also u looking for any trades?

Is that a crack on the case of the 3DS ?

no its reflecting something in the background. im going to take another pic so i wont mislead anyone else.

what ever you want you pay the shipping cost on top of the listed price. i will not accept trades. i have no interest in other items.

alright would u sell the vlx bag seperate ?

i was trying to bundle the bag and the stick together


You know someone can buy a new one for $30 less than your price for your used one, right?

the system is registered in the ambassador program

still no 1 will buy it for that price now

Yeah, them selling it early for lowered price is kind of a dick move but w/e.

How come you’re selling off your 3DS?

yeah i was pissed about that. i just dont play videogames so often anymore. you can say it’s a lose of interest.