WTS Nintendo 3DS + SSF4 or trading for a nice stick (Sold)

Selling for $200 shipped including game, or trading for a nice stick. Would prefer something with a good case and LED light up buttons would be appreciated, please let me know if you’re interested.

Update: I live in Canada (Edmonton Alberta, T5H 1J5)


Here’s a pic (sorry for crap quality, bad lighting here)


I don’t have the money right now, but I should in a couple weeks. I’ll be in touch later in the month to see if you still have it.

what color is the 3ds, aqua blue or cosmo black?
manuals?, boxs?

200 USD?

$200 Canadian! As for the color, its Black!

I wouldn’t mind shipping to Canada. Is there any difference from the US ones? Like specs or plugs? That type of stuff? Check out what I have to offer in my FS thread. On my signature. I’m also open to multiple cases. Let me know.

Sold? Still avalible?

What’s up?

Item sold, thank you guys who sent me PMs inquiring about it