WTS: Nintendo DS, DS Games

I ship to 48 continental USA w/ shipping confirmation via USPS. Also open for reasonable offers.

Prices include shipping unless stated otherwise. If you buy multiple items, you’ll save on some shipping.

Pictures are in the hyperlink texts.

PM or post here for offers.

Want to Sell:

DS Games
Mario Kart DS; game only - $10 shipped
Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass; game only - $15 shipped

GameCube Games
JP Import Pokemon Colosseum + Datel Freeloader; bundled together - $15 shipped

GameBoy Advance Games
JP Pokemon Green Import; game only - $10 shipped
Pokemon Ruby; game only, no label, clock battery run dry to abuse stat RNG - $10 shipped

Misc. Items
InuYasha the Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass - $10 shipped

Pokemon Black 2; Includes event Pokemon (Genesect, Meloetta, Deoxys) Mystery Gifts unused - $28 shipped
Tales of Vesperia X360; first print (colored instruction manual) - $25 shipped
Pokemon Pearl; Japanese First Edition (includes Elite Four “Surf Glitch”) - $25 shipped
Pokemon Diamond - $25 shipped
Pokemon Platinum - $25 shipped
Pokemon Black - $28 shipped
Pokemon White - $28 shipped
PSP-2000 w/ 6.60 PRO-C2 firmware, 2GB memory - $80 shipped
Nintendo DS (no stylus) - $45 shipped
GameCube Interactive Multi-Demo Disc 16; includes shiny Zigzagoon download + berry glitch patch - $20 shipped
Pokemon Colosseum US Bonus Disc; includes Jirachi download + berry glitch patch - $20 shipped

Want to Buy:

Looking for a used Sanwa clone joystick. I don’t care if it’s not operational, I just need it for some misc. parts (namely the shaft). So yeah, I’d love for some offers for broken JLF clones.

Also looking for whole assembly of JLF Omron switches on a PCB. How much I pay is dependent on its use and condition. Retail is around $13.

I’d like to buy both as a bundle, so people who mod a lot and have spares lying all about might want to hop on this. We can talk shipping in the PMs.

If you don’t have a seller in a few weeks for the JLF clone, I’ll sell you mine. Just too busy to take it out and take pictures.

Added PSP and Nintendo DS.