WTS: Nintendo DS old skool for only $45

idk what these go for so yeah… its a old nintendo DS i bought when they first came out. i just took off the top screen protector cuz it started to bubble but the screens are still scratch-less.

$45 shipped(i pulled this price out of my ass so if its 2 high please say something :rofl:)

btw it has normal wear and tear on the outside.

First of all, people will most likely want pics of this and the “wear and tear”. Also, what is included? charger, stylus, games…?

I bought my old NDS with mario kart, charger, and stylus for $60.

this includes a charger and stylus. normal wear and tear include scratches and the sticker on the back is almost all the way faded. i have a few games but i dont think i want to sell them because i have another DS that i still play on.

i will drop my price to $50. does that sound good?

ohh and the stylus isnt the normal one its a death JR one that is still in the package(cant find the regular one lol) i will also include a DQM screen wipe thingy; also still in package.



no bumping now unless you’re dropping price 5% each time apparently. Wack rule imo.

get out of my thread you pest.

come on, james. you always go into other peoples threads and start posting up rules. dont get angry when someone does it to you.

k? i know the rule. i bumped it before i saw the thread. now shut up fuck

5% price drop.

35$ Cheaper than Game Stop. Good deal. =)

looks like its going to be sold later today.

thanks ohgee, for the recommendation.

sold. please close.