WTS: Nintendo DSi

I’ve decided to sell off some of my stuff.

Nintendo DSi $80 Shipped
So I kinda impulse bought a 3DS so I need to sell this bad box. It only saw moderate use and is still in great working condition.

-SOLD- Dual Modded TE, with custom paint job.$140 Shipped

[details=Spoiler]I got this TE case not long ago.I put a spare 360 TE PCB assemble and extra PS3 PCB into it. There’s a switch in the cord compartment to switch between PS3 and 360 mode. The artwork you see here came from another stick; it didn’t peel off cleanly. The paint is not in perfect condition as it seems to have seen a bit of action before it came into my possession. And the pics…

Paint blemishes (note: the stick no longer has the plexi shown in these pics)


-SOLD- 360 Sanwa Modded SE $85 shipped

[details=Spoiler]I did some digging and apparently this stick was the price as a tournament at bubble tea shop in Texas. It changed hands a couple of times before I got it. I switched out the buttons, balltop, and added a metal shaft cover, but couldn’t bring myself to totally strip it down.JLF Stick, Sanwa Buttons.

*Note I realized that the JLF in this stick is one that was used in a previous mod that required my to dremel off the little black wings on the joystick http://www.arcadespareparts.com/products/images/sanwa_joystick_jlf_tp_8y_sk_w_white_37605_13034.jpg This has no effect on the stick itself when used with a mounting plate. I’ve added a pic of the stick insides.[/details]
-SOLD- SE case with PCB $45 Shipped

[details=Spoiler]This one I did strip down.


-SOLD- SE Case 20$ Shipped

[details=Spoiler]This one I really stripped down

[/details]I also still have some of those Metal Slurpee straws so if someone wants a metal shaft cover with their purchase I have Red, Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, and Violet.

PM sent

this thread should be filling up with people buying stuff cause that TE is a great deal

How much just for the Madcatz 360 PCB???


The 2 stripped down SE cases have sold.


The Sanwa Modded SE is gone now. All that’s left is the Dual modded TE.

Price drop on TE.

Another price drop.

Another price drop.

I wasn’t really planning on dropping the price anymore, but my PS3 just broke and I need to get it repaired.

I’ve decided to relist that purple dual Modded TE with normal art and my DSi.

I want that TE; I PMed you. Please hold it!

I just realized that my item description on the stick was the same as it was previously. I’ve updated it and sent you a PM.

Price drop on the DSi

Not sure if I asked you already, but if i did, i apologize. Would really really like to get that DSi but right now, cash payment i cannot do. But i have these threads chock full of goodies. Maybe we can trade?

The links:


Unfortunatel,y do to recent car issues, I need cash. Thanks for the interest though.

no problem. i’ll see what i can do, asap :slight_smile:

btw does it come with an SD card?

I’ll have to check when I get home. If it didn’t come with one I don’t recall ever adding one, though.