WTS Nintendo Switch with amibo cards


Switch is in great condition comes with custom dock screen protector and amibo nfc cards (no hdmi cable) $280 shipped usa only (sold)


i have the one you sold me from before still but no turbo panel


message sent


$40 shipped? would you have to know where i can get a replacement vlx side panel? mine has a crack


thats cool ill buy it send me dat paypal info, but as far as i side panel i dont know of anyone selling one but if i her of anything ill let you know.


Asiangrafx@live.com send it as gift if possible so there’s no fees. Dont forget to include your mailing address. Thanks


Whats the shipping address. I’ll ship it tomorrow. Tues


Nevermind. I found it


Says delivery is thurs 9505 5102 9058 8177 2043 87


right on bro i appreciate it


new items up for sale


Has the firmware on the ps360s been updated?


no they are still on the base firmware i can update if needed before i ship just let me know


Will send PM SIR.


new items