WTS: Nintendo Wii Complete in Package with Extras and Games!

I have a Nintendo Wii here that is used for about a year now with complete packaging and everything. It seems that I don’t have much of an interest to play with a Wii anymore. The Wii comes preloaded with Megaman 9, Dr. Mario, Bomberman, Gradius, and a whole bunch of other Wiiware titles in the system. This bundle will also include another Wiimote, 2 classic controllers, Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Okami. I will also include Tatsunoko vs Capcom along with the bundle. Asking price is 230. PM me for info because I may have forgotten to mention the extra stuff that is not pictured here.

This is one hell of a deal! Somebody jump on this! Good luck with the sale networkingyuppy. :tup:

All of that for $230? If I didn’t have a Wii I would jump on that lol.

>_< i want this…but i dont have the cash yet. If we could work out a plan then let me know because i’m deffinitly wanting to buythis bundle off you.

amazing deal and this guy ships fast.



Edit: someone got to him b4 i did, damnit >_<

Someone probably got there before you.