WTS: Nintendo Wii system $100 shipped

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Selling a Nintendo Wii system in white. It is in great working condition.
It is softmodded, up-to-date. Will ship via USPS priority mail w/ delivery confirmation.


please delete thread. thanks.

what does soft modded mean?

exactly what he said soft modded search google and you will find out there is soft modded and hard moddded

or he can answer it and speak for himself.

or u can stop being lazy and search for yourself takes 1 sec to type softmodded wii in google and the first thing that pops up is your answer i could just give it to but if you dont know what soft modded is by now ill let u find out youself

SMH at some idiots that post here.

it’s a hacked wii.

[SIZE=3]i think you are the idiot , an u are probably a idiot that wants everything done for you!! ill let u be know maybe u will stop posting here and use google to figure out your answer !!![/SIZE]

no, I’m waiting for the seller to respond back about a posting about his fucking item about softmodding.

lol u are funny u asked what soft modded means he is gonna tell you what monkey told you

softmodded just means it’s hacked through software, it doesn’t void the warranty, and nothing on the hardware is altered.

hardmodded usually requires opening the wii and soldering a chip on it. it’s very invasive and definitely voids your warranty.

either method will allow you to run homebrew apps (ie emulators, backups, music, etc).

Sorry to butt in But I love how when I was selling a Custom FW PSP not so long ago I got banned by Valaris, and all of a sudden I’ve been seeing a lot of people selling there “Modded” stuff and not get banned and got there items sold. Thanks Val for banning me for no reason…:bluu:

i think it’s fine as long as you don’t sell/include backups and be more expensive just because it’s modded. my price is reasonable. then again i could be wrong.