WTS: Nintendo Wii/Xbox 360 Accessories

I want to first thank you for checking out my list.

Recently I had a home invasion, and was robbed of most of my electronics. My PSP, DSi, Xbox 360, Wii, and TV were stolen. Oddly enough my PS3 was not. They also took a lot of my 360 games.

So now I am in a situation where I need money.

Here are some items with shipping included:

Xbox 360 Items:

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller /w rechargeable battery (No Charger) (Quantity: 1) - $25 Each
Xbox 360 HDD Transfer Kit - $30

Nintendo Wii Items:

Wii Classic Controller (Quantity: 2) - $15 Each

Just send me a PM. Thanks everyone.


Just so you know, your text is invisible on the white template.

Also, which halo and eternal sonata faceplates are those?

Oh really? Thanks for telling me that Kojiro. I will make it more visible then.

Here is a pic of the eternal sonata faceplate (it is the one in the middle).

And here is the Halo 3 Faceplate. (Just click the link. That is not my xbox, but just used to show which version faceplate it is.

text is stil hard to read…

just use black text.

reads fine for me its bright blue

sorry, I lol’ed a little when I read the ps3 part. “Hey dude get the ps3.” “Nah, that thing has no games.” :lol: Wish there were something I wanted from that but your headset has no cable.

what is the messenger kit? is that the chatpad that sticks to the controller? I may want that if so. Anyone know if it sticks to the MW2 controller?

nope… the MW2 controller has a different shape from the OE 360 controller.

This is exactly what I thought.

Sorry for your stuff man. Wish there was something I wanted also.

Well they still got my brother’s PS3, and my Dual Shock. A neighbor saw them, and the cops were coming. I think by then the PS3 was simply not a good carry, and they left it.

If you count my brothers stuff we lost Two 360s, Wii, PS3, PSP, DSi, and two TVs.

I do appreciate everyone checking out the list. If anyone wants anything from it please send me a PM.


just popping in to say sorry about what happened figco :sad:




I say sell wii sports on ebay, you can actually get a decent amount for it.

Really? I figured it would not sell for that much on ebay. I will have to check it out. Thanks Brighenne.