WTS: NintenDogs Kiosk Demo, Hori Soul Calibur II Stick (PS2)

Hori stick is kind of beat up. Select hardly works, same with start, but the good thing is that everything else works great; including the stick.

would be a good stick to mod.



Looking for $25 via paypal gift only.


NintenDogs NOT FOR RESALE Kiosk Demo is in mint shape. Still has the property of Nintendo sticker still on it. Will come in a blank DS case.



$23 shipped via paypal gift will do it.

Wow, part of me would love to get this, but no moneyyyyyy. Sad face. :frowning:

I am looking to buy either a modded SE stick or a TE stick for the PS3, so I could trade this stick plus money… keep that in mind too.

Modded SE as in Sanwa parts?

^ yup

Imma ask anyway. You taking trades?


thanks for the offer, but I really need to stick to either getting money or a stick. Got to pay for my SSFIV fix somehow.

added a NintenDogs Kiosk Demo

price drops

dang, bump again.