WTS: Nitewalker Case + Neutrik Jack + Hori PCB $40 SHIPPED! XCONVERTER360 & Stick Parts


This is the converter that requires a 360 controller to work. That means it’s not violating intellectual property laws (for those that care)

Nitewalker Stick + Silver Neutrik Jack + HORI V3SA PCB: $40 SHIPPED CONUS
I can’t find one of the bottom screws. It comes with a silver neutrik jack.
I noticed an issue where one corner seems to have some flex. It caused a barely visible hairline crack in one of the blue corners. The bottom plexiglass needs to be sanded down to fit the paint job.

This was a stick that had to be refinished after the original finish was damaged. It should still work fine for a fun project or something.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

8x Sanwa White OSBN-30 buttons, 2x Sanwa Red OSBN-30 buttons, 3x Seimitsu 24mm, Clear Buttons: $35 Shipped
Buttons are essentially brand new. They are all screw in buttons.


If you want more than one item, combined shipping will be cheaper!

I only ship to the continental United States. All shipping rates will include tracking. I will add insurance if requested at buyer’s expense.

**Paypal Verified and Confirmed only. **

Thank you for looking.


I imagine 4 dollars for the JLF is a typo? Wondering what the actual price is for it… Also do you have pictures of the birch case? Possibly interested in some buttons as well but it depends…


Sorry you’ve been soured by your problems recently.

Post pics of the case please. And what type of wood is the 2nd case?


The second case is made out of the same wood. I’m going to keep one just in case(pun) and store it. I’ll try to get pictures up today.


Pictures added.


Added converter.


Would you be willing to sell the neutrik nausb by itself?


I’ll consider it, but it’s such a small item that shipping it would probably kill any savings you would get.


PM sent.


PMs answered.


Prices lowered.


Just saying, An IMPv2 from directly from Toodles with a USB jack runs $10 + shipping + it requires minor assembly.

There’s rules against threadcrapping with bad information right?


Apologies, my opinion on your prices is irrelevant.


interested in the xconverter360 plus if still available


Sent you a PM Truck. Also, the prices listed are shipped, but you’ll get combined shipping rates if you buy more than one thing. Shoot me reasonable offers if you want too.


thanks man I replied to your pm, but i was mistaken about the converter. I thought it was the xtokki360 converter. Sorry about that, good luck with sales.


No problem guy. I like this one better because I feel like there’s less chance of it getting banned or something. That might be unfounded though.
Anyway, I adjusted some prices down.


Final Price Drops. Adding some stuff later tomorrow.


65 shipped for the case?


No, that’s way too low.