WTS: Norris Angled Case!

I bought this a while ago but i never finished it. its primed but i will be sanding that off( i can leave the primer if you want… its killz)

80+shipping. verified paypal only.

So tempted to drive down and by this from you…

you can stop by today if you want :wgrin:


if anybody comes and picks it up. i will throw in a can of Minwax Water-Based Clear Coat(recommended use with white finishes by Tim) for 5$ extra(they cost $10)

hey james can you post some sexy pictures

i will take them later tonight. but remember the thing is primed still. i need to sand it off or leave it(depending on what the customer says)



theres 8 ppl on the list now. if you pm’d me before and i put you on the list i will give you till 12pm to pm me again then your off the list…

pics are going to be delayed to tomorrow. i cant find batteries for my camera.


thats the list.

any updates? Pics?

later tonight. btw the pics will have the case with the primer still on it. then if the customer decides they want it off i will sand it.

Any update? And, is this list in order of priority? :rofl:


holy shit… im sorry i forgot i was selling this! pics up in a few. sorry for the delay.

everything included, Top panel, Case, Plexi(top and bottom), Instructions for painting, Stickers, Screws and Painting screws.




Thx for the pics, PM’d.

looks like its sold to valkyrie23.