WTS: Norris Custom Arcade box-cherry wood

I bought this stick a couple years ago when SF4 first came out. It’s in perfect condition and I will be including 9 buttons and a joystick that are all SEIMITSU that I got from lizard lick around the same time I bought the stick. This is my first transaction on shoryuken so I don’t have any feedback. For reference check user: ussjme on ebay, thats my account and I have a perfect feedback rating if that counts for anything.

sorry for the crappy iphone pics but I do not have an actual digital camera.

I will be charging 140 shipped for the whole package, and I will ship to the US and Canada. I’m based in Canada so custom charges may apply unless we do the gift labeling thing through paypal. I will only accept paypal as payment and will only ship to verified addresses. If you are interested shoot me a PM and we’ll set everything up. feel free to ask me any questions in this post.

once again the stick is in great condition as I suck balls at SF4 and I am not worthy of the stick anymore. All the buttons and joystick work great as I only used it for a few months before my custom 360 PCB broke down and I shelved SF4.

Looks nice. But those parts are not Sanwa at all. They are all Seimitsu parts.

lol you’re right gotta edit that sorry

No Pcb or anything?

i only had a 360 pcb that broke down on me. never bothered getting another one since i stopped using the stick a few months after SF4’s release in 08.

update: bumped the price down to 210 shipped.

I like that art quite a bit. :slight_smile:

thanks, my GF spent hours making it for me. guess i should say that the artwork is NOT included. she’d kill me if i gave it away haha.

also remember that this a premium norris arcade stick. the craftmanship and quality of wood is very high, it also has a great weight to it.

last price drop. after this i guess i’ll mod the stick myself and grab MvsC3 for the ps3 lol.