WTS: Norris DIY Rounded Stick

Hello there, unfortunately I will have to put this stick up for sale.

This stick is the DIY Rounded Poplar stick that was purchased through Norris Arcade Sticks mid last year. It has been hand sanded and clear coated with 16 coatings of Winmax Fast-Drying Polyurethane (I left the top panel unpainted). This was my main stick, therefore, it does have a few scuffs/dents/scratches, especially where you rest your wrists (damage is mostly done to the finish, you can easily touch these up). There are no modifications to the original casing and the pcb has never been screwed into the top panel.

Whats included: the NAS case, 6 black Sanwa 30mm snap ins, 3 black Seimitsu 24mm buttons, and JLF w/ black Sanwa Meshball. And the artwork is printed on plain white paper (I got lazy and didnt want to deal with the artwork).

Sorry for the crappy pics, it was taken with an iphone: http://www.flickr.com/photos/47851129@N05/


beutiful stick, may get if I clear my lawyer fees and sell my byrdo.

edit: pcb is included

triggers arent hacked and the select (back) button does not have a ground wire connected to it.

I totally thought this was going to be a Chuck Norris themed stick…oh well, free bump

I really want this stick.
So jealous.

i LOL’d :slight_smile:
free bump for the great laught

Yo pots, I am able to get you an HRAP 2 stick. Sit tight, I would definitely want this.

Sent payment earlier today, Pots. Your PM box is full, so send me a message when you ship the stick out.

sry about that. the stick will be shipped out first thing in the morning