WTS: NOS SUZO Inductive, JLF Round Gates *Taking Orders!*; IC: LS-56/55/33 O-gates


NOS(New Old Stock) Suzo Inductive Joystick: I have a brand new Suzo Inductive stick for sale. It has only been used once to test that it works. Great shape, comes in original box with instructions. Pictures forthcoming. Asking 90 shipped or best offer.


Custom Stick-- SFAC stick with Happ P360, Black Sanwa 30mm snap-ins in an American layout, and a reflective black acrylic panel. Very sleek! No PCB. This was my prized Marvel rig, but it’s time to move on to bigger pastures :]. It’s in great shape, and I just polished the top panel. The only thing I’d replace is the bat top, since it’s got a small imperfection on it. Other than that its a beauty! 120 shipped or feel free to make an offer.



-Custom JLF Round Restrictor. 12 shipped to the US or 2 for 22 bucks.

About my custom JLF Round Gate:** This is a complete JLF circular restrictor plate made from a genuine Sanwa octagonal plate, compatible with all Sanwa JLFs, as well as the Mad Catz SE joystick without any modification. It is also compatible with the stock Hori sticks with a small modification-- please add 2.00 for this mod, as it requires drilling to the Hori specs.

These are made by hand with love, so the angle of the restricting area matches that of a stock gate and each of the 8 directions matches the Sanwa Octo-gate exactly in terms of throw. Very smooth and comfortable for that Marvel or 360 characters, or if you are using a JLF in a TE and want it to feel a little more “American”. I finish each gate by sanding them wet, to create the smoothest custom gate possible, and I take the time to make sure each gate is a good as the last-- in fact, while my first batches were met with a lot of praise, I’m confident that I’ve now got an even better custom round gate.

At this point I’ve sold 36+ of these, and I’ve asked folks to leave feedback once they get theirs. So far the response has been all positive. The only issue has been throw distance, which I have documented here:



As you can see, the throw distance varies on the Octo (17-18mm), while it’s consistent on the custom Round (18mm). I’m confident that the throw on my gates is as close to the 8 points of the stock Octo as humanly possible.

**Ordering: **I will continue to make these on a batch by batch basis, with each batch ranging from 10-20 gates. To order, just shoot me a PM or post in the thread, and let me know what you’d like. Pre-payment is not necessary, if you sign up, I’ll put you on the list and notify you via PM when they are ready. When you do pay, please remember to put your SRK username in the note section, as well as how many gates you ordered.

BATCH 7; 4/29/10

  1. Masturfader, PAID, SHIPPED
  2. Megaprime
  3. Detrimantix
    4,5. jT415Gz, PAID, SHIPPED
  4. Xenigma, PAID, SHIPPED
  5. lldre
  6. Jadamiro, PAID, SHIPPED
  7. Brighenne
  8. ihiryu PAID, SHIPPED
  9. Charlie Drums, PAID, SHIPPED
  10. Jamesepoop
  11. StudenOfGab
  12. Edgar
  13. pakistanexican, PAID


LS-56 (available pending more interest)

  1. Hacksparrow

Past Batches/Happy Customers…




1- Capn Spanky, Shipped! Received.
2,3- grokslam ( 2 ), Shipped! Received.
4- lAsianlGary, Shipped! Received.
5- Jester, Shipped! Received.
6- nododgy, Shipped! Received.


1- Outkast, PAID
2,3- XMetal, PAID
4- Lazy912, PAID
5,6- Hacksparrow, PAID
7- The Realyst, PAID
8- Necr0spawn, PAID
9- jdm714, PAID
10- kodee vu, PAID

BATCH 4: Will be another batch of 10 gates. Sign up now :]]]

1,2. Kurushii, PAID, Shipped
3,4. Kasprfoto, PAID, Shipped
5. SePhoBroth, PAID, Shipped
6,7. CapitalX, PAID, Shipped
8,9. TheGenocider, PAID, Shipped
10. xxlopsidedxx, PAID – I PM’d you, I have to do a small mod to allow it to work on your stock Hori. Shipped

Batch 5:

  1. R2J, On Hold Pending Payment
  2. MRGAY, PAID, Shipped
    3-7. Hacksparrow and company, PAID, Shipped
  3. Shadowvex, PAID, Shipped
  4. mvcplayer, PAID, Shipped
  5. dinhcorporation, PAID, Shipped

*NEW: Batch 6: Drops mid-March


1,2. Maoi, SHIPPED
3. IIDX Advocate, SHIPPED
5,6. Every Emotion, SHIPPED
7. Da_Dragon, SHIPPED
8. rcaido, SHIPPED
9,10. RaishinX. SHIPPED

Custom Mirror Finished Dreamcast 33 shipped. Complete case-- just add guts. It’s a custom paint job I did, vibrant white, with white Power and Open buttons, all polished to a mirror finish. Now, this is my first shot at a mirror finish and I’m pleased with the result. That said, there’s a couple spots where paint coverage is a little shaky, and one or two small imperfections with the case I used itself. For this reason, I’d like to sell it at a nice discount, but don’t get me wrong-- she looks spiffy :]







I’d be more than happy to do a custom jobber for anyone who’s interested. 48 shipped, provided you can ship me your empty shell. If not it’ll be a bit more since I have to acquire one. This price will be for a complete overhaul of the shell-- I will sand it down, fill cracks and fix other cosmetic damage (within reason-- if it’s in decent condition with a chip here and there I can make it look spiffy again). I’ll also add a polished mirror finish in the color of your choice.

I can do NES/SNES/Genesis and other consoles as well.

This pricing will be limited to the first few I do, since I’m willing to undercut myself a bit in order to build confidence and get feedback from happy customers :]. That said feel free to entertain me with offers or trades.

SUZO Inductive SOLD/Received
ASCII Flash Clone SOLD/Received
DC Shell SOLD/Received
Ball Top Lot SOLD/Received
Fanta Stick SOLD

JLF Custom Round Gates, Billions Served


You really sold Suzo Inductive and ASCII Optical today?
I didn’t bother to look in the Thread this morning when I saw it come up. :crybaby:


No not today. Sorry that’s a bit misleading. I made a new thread because my first thread was initially a WTB thread, but I edited it to add some things. All of the posts were just confusing to anyone looking to buy so I wanted to start fresh with a clean thread.

They did go fast though and never again will I sell them so cheap. I seriously underestimated the demand for the Suzo, but it was just taking up space and I needed some scratch. Live and learn… :woot:

I do have some more hardish to find stuff coming up shortly, just gotta take some pics.


Edited to drop prices on buttons, SE Stick, Fanta, etc. Nocturnal sale round two.


Prices dropped all around.


My ASCII stick came in yesterday. Thanks again! Free bump for a great seller.


Prices dropped on the Dreamcasts and free game with the Neo Pad 2. Updated items with holds.


2nd day bump to rescue my thread from page 3. Also-- now looking for SF4 SE stock buttons. I know they’re crummy, but if you want to sell them cheap to get rid of them, I’m on it.


New items. Sf4 se case and pcb.


Added DC VS Link cable. Mint in boxxx


Added GD-Writer HKT-0400


got my balltops today. packaging was superb. nice doing business with you.


Bump for FREE Custom JLF Round Gate.


I’ll take the round gate please. I’ll happily pay for shipping and also post some feedback on how it plays


Done, that was fast. Night-owl award goes to Noontide.


lol, I’ll pm you my address then.


I’m late.

The original angel interested me.


I’m interested in trying out a round gate. If noontide doesn’t work out or you feel like giving away more, I would love to give it a shot and write a review for you.


I would like to try one of those circle gate sanwas.

I see a few people received items from E. If you can, leave him feedback in iTrader.


Yes, now that ITrader is back up, I would really appreciate people leaving feedback.

As for the round gates, the feebie was the only one from my first batch, so no more freebies at this time. I’ll be doing a second batch shortly, though, and I may even give away one from that group.


I’ll be getting the round gate tomorrow, I’m really excited to try it out! I’ll post some feedback and write a little something to see how I like it. :smiley: