WTS: Nothing at the moment


Shipping is no longer included with some items, prices have been lowered to reflect the change.

I must have accidently erased the rest of my thread, only the disclaimer remains. Not sure what happened. I’ll update it later today.


Thanks, check your inbox.

Quad modded Hori SCV stick added.

KURO buttons added.

Real Arcade Pro V Kai Xbox One added.

Added Hayabusa buttons and Hayabusa lever.

got my hayabusa lever and kuro buttons. wrapped really nice. really happy with my purchase. get this man’s stuff guys. also, wanna buy that other hayabusa lever and I don’t even need it.

Thanks man, I’m glad you liked your stuff.


Hayabusa buttons sold

Price drop on Real Arcade Pro V Kai Xbox One/360.

dropped price on Hori Fighting Stick Mini 4 PCB

Thanks! Seimitsu buttons received and I am one satisfied customer!

Awesome, thanks for the purchase man.

-Madcatz 360 PCB SOLD
-Real Arcade Pro V Kai is now CASE ONLY (well, everything expect for buttons and lever)

What kinda shipping costs you think this’ll be? It would be to 94105. PM me please :prayer:

Kuro buttons sold.