WTS: Nothing at the moment


A couple of price drops.


Update: noticed I had not mentioned that the Hori quadmod works on all 5 of these platforms : PS4/PS3/XONE/X360/PC

  • Mortal Kombat XL PS4 SOLD


Got the Hayabusa buttons. Thank you!


Awesome, enjoy!!

  • Hori Fighting Stick Mini 4 PCB SOLD



  • Quad-mod Hori SCV stick. PS4/PS3/XONE/X360/PC
  • Until Dawn


Due to moving expenses, price drop on
Quad-mod Hori SCV stick. PS4/PS3/XONE/X360/PC


hayabusa lever still available?


It still is. PM me.

  • Hayabusa lever SOLD


What’s the story behind the “brushed plastic” thing? It doesn’t seem to really show up in pics?


It simulates a brushed metal look. It’s an alternative to having glossy plastic that scratches easily and just looks nasty.

This is the same stick with different buttons.


How did you acquire this finish?


I have a wooden platform that I made and to which I place a piece of industrial scrub pad to the size of whatever area I want to cover. I tape up (electrical) the areas that I want to protect and leave the shinny parts exposed so that I can gently rub the material ( or case) across the pad and create these pattern scratches. I’ve done it to hard drives, older ipods, and a few other electronics.

It’s very similar to this


Cool. I was curious. Sorry for the 20 questions. This version of the HRAP is probably my favorite. So much room for activities. GLWS.


No problem. It’s a great case. I actually really enjoy it but recently got a VLX, a Panzer and an AllFightSticks case, and I moved last week so I really need to sell a few things hahaha.


Final price drop
Quad-mod Hori SCV stick. PS4/PS3/XONE/X360/PC




OG Panzer ADDED!!