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Bump I guess.


PS4 camera added.


VLX pending sale


VLX sold!!


PS4 camera price drop.




How hard would it be to put a JLF in that blue metal stick?


Not hard at all. All you need is a philips screw driver and pliers (or socket wrench). I could show you how.


So it has a JLF mounting point inside?


It does. I think I actually used a converter plate for this one to match the 4 JLF screw holes.


It’s honestly a great stick, very high quality and heavy, but I’ve been buying a lot of woodworking equipment and have been spending a lot of money.

let me know if you are interested. I’m actually going on vacation tomorrow and wont be back until January but I can still ship this out for you tomorrow morning.


AllFightStick sold.


Hori Fighting Stick 3 added.


TES+ added




TES+ price dropped


Final TES+ price drop.




WiiU pcb? I didn’t see it in your sold list


I hadn’t even realized it wasn’t posted anymore. I still have it. It’s from a WiiU TE stick.

I’ll let you have it for $10 plus whatever shipping is (shouldn’t be very much) if you’re interested.