WTS: OBSF-24 Dark Hai - TE Button Set - Bezel - Games

All the items shown are mint and come with all of their inserts unless otherwise noted. I ship using USPS Priority, First Class mail, or FedEx/UPS depending on which items need to be sent. Shipping prices are determined by buyer location, so send me a PM with your zip code and I’ll come up with a total for you. Paypal only please.

Also open to hear reasonable offers! I can also bundle items together for discounts. Thanks!

Sanwa OBSF-30 x8 and OBSF-24 x2 [TE button set. Slightly used, still work great] - $15

Sanwa OBSF-24 Dark Hai x2 [Can only be found on the HRAP2 SA as far as I know. Very rare] - $5 each

Mad Catz Red TE Bezel - $5

Sanwa Black LB-35 Ball top - $2

Seimitsu 5-pin wiring harness - $4

Soul Calibur III - $4

Devil May Cry 3 - SOLD

Metal Gear Solid 2 - $4

Metal Gear Solid - $10

Onimusha 3 [Used game before I received it. Box is a little marked up, but game plays perfectly] - $4

$18 for all of the above games!

Shinobi - SOLD

Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team (Vol. 4) - $4

Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz (Special Edition) - $4

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust - SOLD

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link [Maybe someone is feeling nostalgic, lol. Little chips in the gold plastic, but nothing serious. Cartridge only] - $4

DragonBall Z gashapon figure - $4

Akira Kazama gashapon figure - SOLD

Devil May Cry 3 wall scroll - $4

Newtype Magazines [May, Jun, Aug 2003] - $3 each

Halo 2 Strategy Guide - $4

Prices lowered.

Interested in a trade for that Seimitsu Balltop and Metal Gear Solid for PS1? TO thread in my sig. :slight_smile: Let me know either way if there’s anything you’re interested in. I really wanna get those items.


Added some more items.

Pm sent

Pm’d. If the black mesh doesn’t go through, let me know.

sorry for the late reply payment sent for red and black balltops. thanks

payment sent redmeshball

meshball recieved left FB thanks

Prices lowered again

Bump. New item, lower prices.

PM sent.

Added 360 TE and DVD’s for sale.

ill trade ur te for an xbox 360 console

I’ll deeply consider it. Sending a PM.

if that doesn’t go through, i’ll take the TE if you ship to canada. how much would shipping be?

payment sent for D

your inbox is full Vicious

Yep, sorry about that. Just cleared it.

Anyways, received payment. I’ll ship it first thing on Monday (closed Sunday). Thanks.

360 TE still for sale. Added wiring harness.

Saw that you posted a long time ago on my thread about a purple ball/ bubble top. Still looking for one if you’ve got it.