WTS: OBSF-24 Dark Hai - TE Button Set - Bezel - Games

Bump. LS-32-01 for sale.

PM Sent ! Consider that TE sold.

Interested in the TE. Not really wanting to go straight up cash, but I’d like to do a trade+cash. Check my list and let me know. Thanks.

360 stick pending for a buyer. Added Sanwa and Seimitsu buttons for sale.

Sent PM on the 360 TE

Added some more buttons. Would also like to sell this stick and these parts soon; could really use the extra cash. :shake:

Pm’ed for those Seimitsus.


Who made that LS-32 shaft and disc combo for you?
Anyway, pm coming your way.

Digging this back up. New stuff for sale.

Also, I’ll be leaving on Saturday morning and won’t be back until Sunday night. Any PMs I receive around that time will be answered in the order I receive them. Thanks

PM’d for OBSF-24 Dark Hai pushbuttons.


ifyou can hold the 24mmdark hais till monday(gotta drop some$ into my pp acount). Ill take em.

2 people beat you to it :slight_smile: