WTS: older random cases (most missing some parts) locally (Arizona)

** I’ll take $30 for all of them if somebody is willing to pick them up locally. i don’t have the space for these anymore.**

hey guys,

i’m looking to get rid of a few various cases (some incomplete or slightly damaged) for really cheap. most of them are built for jap parts and are made for the dreamcast. I’ll explain more about each individual case with the pictures.

Big Ass Indestructible HAPP stick:

this was the first stick i ever built. American HAPP layout. The button holes are a little large, but its no big deal. looking for $15. $30 with a HAPP stick and buttons (red white and blue) built for dreamcast.

jap stick with blast city layout and fitting lexan. painted gray. the inside is ugly and it has no bottom. looking to get $20. built for PS1, PS2, etc.

stained MDF stick. no top panel, no bottom, no top mounts. guess it would be a good base for a smaller build. looking for $10. built for dreamcast.


mdf stick painted white. no top panel or bottom. mounts are there. looking for $10. built for dreamcast.

pm me if you’re interested.

Does locally mean you will not ship?
If so could I get that black jap case please?

holy shit those are great prices.

sup haha im a panda.

Are those cases sitting on a reindeer skin rug? You selling that? :smiley:

haha, its an elk. just go shoot one…they’re delicious.

how’s it goin’, pal? got your PM. let me know a few more details.

i’m not really looking to ship due to the cost. the buyer would most likely have to pay more money for shipping than the cost of the case.

Ill take the grey jap case if your in the phoenix area.

$30 takes em’ all.

If you still have these cases my brother is in phoenix and he said he would pick them up tomorrow if still available.

sent you a pm.