WTS : Omni Arcade Stick dual mod Hori Hrap VX-SA Xbox


Hi all, just as stated as above for sale, I would like local sales(Socal/Super Arcade/Round 1 area) then open to pick up at Evo if interested.
Update ( sorry Prices are for local pick up, buyer pays shipping fees)

Omni Arcade stick dual mod korean stick - Sold

[S]$120[/S] Final Price $80 Local or $100 Shipped( no International shipping sorry) Firm Hrap VX-SA Xbox all sanwa

PS VITA WiFI - Sold to my co worker


Everything works, wires not worn or torn at all used for 2 months

Please post any questions in thread, otherwise thanks for looking and have a great day!


im interested in the omni stick…was just curious though, i believe those are siemitsu buttons right? …may want to pick this up at evo


If unmodded its a Myoungshin Fanta stick and Crown buttons.

Good luck with sale. If nobody jumps on that PSP I might have a go.


ahh my mistake…i overlooked the “korean” part -__-


Yes, frog is correct its unmodded. Thank you and Im sorry i didn’t make that clear.


Hey is it 150 shipped for the Korean?
Dang it didn’t see local pickup lol well hey if u decide to ship I’m highly interested since I’m a Kaz main but I’ll bump for a tekken player lol
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It is 150 plus shipping, I pm’d him earlier as I am interested since the first time he posted it for sale before the buyer backed out…


Thanks for the reply slay u know how much the shipping was

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Whats the condition of the vita? Any scratches?


Something of that size it gonna be about 20 bucks parcel post.


Thanks slay

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No scratches, check out the pics!

Also an update:
Slaycruz has dibs on Omni unless no one buys local
I also have a co worker that will let me know if they will buy the Vita tomorrow but if they do pass it up the next in line is Kaspfoto


Im so tempted to get the Vita :slight_smile:


Make it happen. =p


Speaking of which…pm’d ya.


Omni stick sold to slaycruz - confirmed
Vita Sold

Hrap still here