Jesse Iturralde (@slaycruz) tweeted at 1:28 PM on Sat, Nov 01, 2014:


wts Omni Revision 3 case and Neutrik. Painted white by previous owner and was going to be a project stick…but I have a lot going on now and I am letting it go. It will include the neutrik and 8 30 mm seimitsu buttons and 3 24mm seimitsu buttons.I am asking for 85 shipped or best offer in the CONUS only via Paypal… please now lowballing.


Pic added


PCB being sold locally


Interest check added.


Updated original post… interest check on omni rev 5 Korean edition.


Man, I wish I had a spare 210 to throw around to give one a shot, but not at this point. You pretty much have to be completely in the market for one of these to spend that, not as a curiosity.


Yeah…if they were readily available in the states I wouldn’t charge as much… but considering cost of stick and having it shipped from Korea it cost me over 250 so I am technically losing money.


Updated from interest check to wts…


Willing to consider offers… but please no lowballing.


If no one buys it by the middle of October, I’d be interested in it, but I sincerely doubt it’s going to go that long without any offers. That’s got a Fanta and Crown 303A buttons in it, right?


It does @Chikalin‌ and I have a extra Japanese plexi as well for those who want to convert it to Japanese parts


got paewang instead but omni is tempting besides koreans parts


@Heihachi‌ I play tekken so I preferred the Korean parts…but they are an acquired taste lol…


I haven’t tried korean pars but im sure its good. I think japanese parts are easier to sell


They are…I actually like the Korean lever with Japanese button combo.


Great deal on a great stick. Rare as hell buddy.


Hey man, are you still selling the stick? I’m interested in buying one at the moment.


Decided I’m gonna keep this for a while…too rare…I will have other items in rje future… if mods want to close feel free.


Added new WTS and WTB…see 1st post


Bump…price drop… $125 shipped…