WTS on Ebay: 360 Stick (Mas)




How much you want for it shipped???
Ill take it off your hands. I need one bad !


Eh I don’t really have a BIN, but if you wanna make an offer I’ll listen. I know it’s not in perfect shape, so I’ll take that into account. PM me


looks interesting, made a bid for it on ebay.

unless you prefer to sell it here


I’d rather go thru here since ebay has fees so if you want to make an offer PM me






The best part is that if you cancel the listing and sell it here that eBay will still get you for the listing fees. It’s pretty absurd.

How did MAS start doing 360 sticks? Do they have a Mad Catz PCB inside?


Yeah but I think theres additional fees once it successfully sells.
I’m not sure what MAS does I’ve never gotten a 360 one from them


OP says he modded a ps2 MAS stick either that or he got a friend to do it?