WTS on eBay! --- Metal Gear Solid figures by Play Arts Kai


Spider-Dan! ---- Spider-Dan! Gliding in when-ever he can! Holds a sale ---- any-time! And why not? He’s Dan the Mannnn…LOOK OUT! He’s selling on SHOR - YU - KENNNNNN! :tup:

WHAT’S UP fellow Trading Post members! I’m back again with some more items. However, they are a bit more specialized, but I always want to give you guys a look see as well JUST in case someone in here is a collector of the more specialized!

Today on eBay I have for sale two figures from Square Enix Play Art’s Kai series----the Metal Gear Solid line up! If anyone here follows these items at all, you know they’re like concert tickets and sell out FAST, like moments fast. These items are sold out and have been sold out since they put them out, and are no longer selling anymore at the time of this post. Here are the links and some pics!

Here is a pic of what they look like out of the box in some great lighting! =]


Here are the links to my eBay pages! Remember, mine are BRAND NEW NEVER OPENED!! (OH EM GEE NRFB!)

–Solid Snake– $79.99 shipped

–Cyborg/Ninja– $99.99 shipped

All the details are on my pages but you guys should know the drill by now! Paypal only all sales FINAL. Will ship UP TO TWO BUSINESS DAYS AFTER PAYMENT IS MADE! Shipping to the CONTINENTAL U.S. ONLY NO HAWAII/CANADA/ALASKA sorrrrry =( I love you guys I do <3333 Shipping is 100% FREE!!!

Thanks again guys. I know these are a bit pricey and a little more niche, but I appreciate everyone taking a look at these great things! I’d love to keep them but I gotta get some money to keep up the love of collecting more items! :china::china::china::china::china:


Solid Snake SOLD!!!