WTS ON EBAY: Modded Hori EX2 (360), Sanwa Buttons + Art + MadCatz 360 PCB


as much as i want to bid on this, you need to cover those wires or else things will start to short out.

meh, why?

I’ve covered the metal backplate with electrical tape, and the wires are solid… but if the buyer/bidder requests it then I’ll cover up all the solder points with electrical tape.

Thanks for the tip though, it’ll come in handy with my next project which will use stranded wire.

Is there a way you can put QD’s on them…

I assume QD’s are quick disconnects? (Relatively new to the Joystick/Fighting Game arena)

I can, although I don’t have any on hand… I’d have to order them or you’d have to order/send me some.

You should be able to get them at radio shack for like $2…PM the price for the total price of the stick including shipping…98506

I assume you mean these?

That would be no problem then. I’ll PM you now


nevermind, I see the right ones… much cheaper lol

Pretty interested in the stick. Price shipped to 94704?

I’ll say a flat shipping fee of $5 for parcel post although I can do Priority Mail but it’ll probably cost quite a bit more since the stick is fairly heavy with the metal backplate. (To anywhere in the 48 states)


pending to rcaido until Sunday night.

Interested in this stick too. If Rcaido decides not to buy I’ll probably bite. Is this still on Ebay?

yeah it is, its a 7 day auction, so theres no worry, you can bid on it if your interested though

ok I decided that I didn’t want to have to install QD’s so rcaido might be out of the question… thus its no longer pending and is now available! Price is set at 60 shipped (parcel post).

Edit: NVM, I’ll bid before the deadline.