WTS on eBay: Neo Geo Pocket Color games lot SNK VS CAPCOM, DIVE ALERT, DARK ARMS, $31.99



All info in the link! It is $31.99 + $3.99 shipping to the CONTINENTAL U.S. ONLY! :tup: Will ship UP TO TWO BUSINESS DAYS AFTER PAYMENT IS RECEIVED!!

Check link for more description! SNK VS CAPCOM = MINT COMPLETE!

Also, interest check on a dual modded, Street Fighter x Tekken PRO Madcatz stick, $149.99 shipped, thanks!


Yo can I get that for free?


Sure! I’ll only charge shipping. Shipping will be $40.00 please! :tup:


Isn’t that kinda steep?


The prices definitely fluctuate on the NGP games, of course when I first put it up I thought they were worth a little more complete until I checked the sold listings, ranging anywhere from $15 - $25 sold. I basically just posted here as a long shot but expect more to sell it to someone on eBay.