WTS (On Ebay) ViewSonic VX2250wm Widescreen monitor ($30), Mortal kombat 9($10), and Persona 4 ($12)


I put my for Auction Viewsonic monitor for about 30 dollars on Ebay. It comes with an extra pair of logitech speakers but i suggest buying a component adaptor for sound. What i also have with the monitor is a DVI to HDMI adaptor so you can play in 720p and 1080p. This thing has little to no lag and it works great. It will also come with its original box.

As for Persona 4 and Mortal kombat 9. I havent played them much so im looking to sell them to someone who would like them.

Here are the items.




Nice shipping price on the monitor [/sarcasm]

Also put ebay in the title and mention they are for auction and not BIN


I fixed the shipping cost. I did not know it was that high XD thanks