WTS: Optical ASCII Stick FT for DC

ASCII Stick FT for Dreamcast

Asking $90 shipped.

Utilizes the Ultra Rare ASCII Optical Joystick-which is a clone of the Sanwa flash. Usage is unknown, but it works perfectly well. Human based design!





Edit: Removed

pm sent

Can I get a shipping quote to Newfoundland on the T5 cable?

sorry i dont wish to sell international.

why not?

just charge 50 for international shipping. go to the post office pay for shipping then give a refund on the extra money. make sure to take a picture of the receipt. people get pissed off when shipping is expensive.

Ninja EDIT: 50 will cover shipping from the US to most places. ie japan aus china UK.

At the usps website you can calculate how much shipping would cost you to anywhere in the world depending on the weight of your package…

Good luck with the sale anyways, this is a very nice stick you re selling

prices bump

Dibs have to be rescinded. Sorry for the hassle.

no problem

how can i get a jlf to fit? im intrested in the tekken panel

do a search for it. you basically have to drill 4 holes in the jlf and use proper screws and it will mount on the stock mount area.

price bump

pm sent

pm sent


price bump

So, does the optical joystick click? Are there no micro switches?