WTS or Trade: [For PS3] Soul Caliber V, KOF 13, Broken TE - Los Angeles Locals Only

I’ve been burned in the past with regards to shipping items out, so for now I am only selling locally.

I have:

  1. SCV - 40 dollars

  2. KOF 13 - Includes soundtrack,** 25 dollars**

  3. An unresponsive fightstick. I didn’t use it for 2 months and when I tried to plug it in it was not recognized by my PS3. It’s old and I want a new one. I don’t know much about fightsticks, if you want me to take pictures of certain parts then I can do that, just ask below. I bought it with a different color scheme on amazon. I don’t think the joystick is Sanwa (feels different from my other TE) but I will check once I find my allan key set.
    I’m asking for** 50** on the stick or best offer.

Only dealing locally. Located in South LA.

You gotta post prices. That’s the rules.

I am interested in the TE though Which TE is it?.

It is the original SF4 TE. Yellow/pink buttons and a blue balltop (bought for a girlfriend).

I updated with prices.