WTS or TRADE: Madcatz TE RND 1 fightstick (PS3) for $80


almost brand new madcatz te rnd 1 w/ original box for sell or trade. i have only played
this stick a couple times. i am selling this stick for $80 or best offer, no lower than $70. but i am willing to trade for a te-s or madcatz te rnd 2. plz email me back at joeurgod@yahoo.com i rarely check my srk account. if you would like to trade, your stick can be either ps3 or xbox360, it doesnt matter. also if you would like to see pictures of the stick, plz send me an email to my personal email address that has been provided in this ad, i dont really want to mess with imageshack. thank you. also this is for local pick up only in the city of garden grove california


Bump! Great seller!


Bump! Great Seller! Im tempted to get this myself xD


Contacted. Thanks again. :slight_smile:


So is this sold?


Im picking it up from him tomorrow


Thanks again, Joe :slight_smile: