WTS or WTT Cthulhu boards( New and Used)


Hey guys,
I have a brand new Cthulhu board and a preowned one with a bit of solder on the pin layout on the boards.
I’m selling the new one 30 shipped and the used one for 25 shipped.
Make me some offers on trades, preferably parts or sticks, which I can put money towards the difference.




sending pm


Trusted seller/trader!!


Will trade a Cthulhu for a LS32-01


are these for ps3?


That is what a Cthulhu is.


Cthulhu boards have PS3 functionality on them. Thank you jdm.


sent you PM


bumped this. Still open for trade or for sale.


payment sent for the used one



payment sent for the used one



Hey, just wondering if you’ve shipped the used board? haven’t gotten any confirmation since I payed on 2/4