WTS or WTT: Custom Broken English Stick or Case Open for Trades

Hey folks,
I’m finally selling this Balrog stick designed by Broken English and it was imported from England. This is a beautiful white acrylic case which incorporate the Shadaloo design as well as the infamous Crazy Buffalo logo. The condition of this stick is in excellent condition, and only played with it a couple of times. This controller is dual modded by me for both PS3 and the 360. It uses an Imp board to govern the switch between these two systems by just holding the guide button while plugging it in. The arcade parts in this controller is incorporated with all Sanwa parts, including a light blue meshball for the JLF.
The sale price for this is:
$400 (with arcade parts and pcb included)
$225 dollars (Blank Case only.)
Trades for custom cases can be arranged.
This case weighs about 10 pounds for shipping references. Please PM me for information or any interest in purchasing this stick. Shipping will be paid separately after purchasing the controller. Serious inquiries only!






wow @ case

So it’s back for sale.
You won’t take it back again?

Super nice Case.
Br0ken_Engli5h is so good with his machine.

More pictures of the Balrog Case for those interested.

Remember the Chun-Li one he made?

JDM, Fo Realz this time yo.
Thanks for the hooking up the link.

God, I forgot all about that Chun Li stick, that one is truly art!
Too bad I don’t main 'Rog, I can’t spend that kind of cash on a stick devoted to a character I don’t play. Gl with the sale, someone pick this up, BE makes the best damn sticks you’ll find.

If I played Balrog I would feel obligated to buy that stick @_@

Really amazing and someone is going to be very lucky. Goodluck with the sale man. Sorry you have to part with it =/

Somebodies up for a real treat, I have drooled over this things from start to finish. Free bump for REAL

selling it again I see :stuck_out_tongue:

Sexy case at its best, BUMP!!

Just curious, what are those made of?


Good luck on the sale bro, that thing is a work of art.

It’s made of Acrylic

this is a sexy stick gl on ur sale

Sorry i’m an idiot

Incredible - given the craft and workmanship on that stick, I think that $400 is a steal. Good luck!

Shame you have to sell it, looks amazing though. good luck, free bump.

Oh hai, just bumping through.

Shameless Bump.

dude that stick is customized to the freaking max.

Ha take that Pimp my Ride!

Yea all you need to do is add some small TV’s in impractical spots like they do in the show. Great stick free bump

damn, this was up in the stick gallery not too long ago, didn’t you just get this? Sucks you gotta part with it so soon, but here’s another free bump. I’d definitely be all over it if I had the money right now…