WTS or WTT:Custom GoStik Case with Brand new Parts(Sold)

Hey Srk’ers
I have a custom stick for sale that was designed by GOstik or known as HexonYou on Srk. Currently I haven’t had the time to wire up the insides so there is no PCB in this case. The case itself is beautiful and it is in mint condition and has a nice finish on the wood! This case was previously owned by Glory and it definitely has a nice weight to it! It also comes with brand new Seimitsu/ Sanwa parts with the controller. I’m willing to sell this case for $140 with everything included(with shipping)or Make me an offer for a stick trade. I’d be interested in anything. Once purchased, you can add any pcb to your choice!. I CAN ALSO ADD A PCB TO THE CUSTOMER’S REQUEST FOR EXTRA. Please Pm me if you are interested.

Make me an offer for trades. :smiley:

Price Updated.

Nice looking stick :wgrin:

Looks good! What kind of wood is that? Also, looking for anything in particular for a trade?

The wood is brazilian walnut, also called Ipe (pronounced eepay)

Thank You Hexonyou.

I’m looking for an HRAP or any other controllers in interest. :smiley:
Just shoot me an offer and I’ll might do it. :smiley:

this is a well priced stick considering its brand new parts. Bump for a really nice guy, fast communication. dealt with him before! Someone buy this!

Final Drop on the Case Price.

i’d get this in a heartbeat if i wasn’t waiting for parts to come in from lizard lick any day now… damn, good luck, that’s a very nice looking stick and a very good deal.

FREE SHIPPING ON IT. Please help a brother out.

Man, someone buy this. It looks beautiful and well made. If I was still in the market I’d be ALL OVER this.

BTW to the seller, post this at the SHMUPs forum Trading Section ( http://shmups.system11.org/viewforum.php?f=4&sid=f4edcf2bf5d45c8fb9fdb4ff365696df ). They like Seimitsu much more than fighting gamers. I bet they’ll be all over this.

Hey Clembo,
Is there any prerequisites on that forum before selling?

Hell, even before considering pre-requisites for selling and buying on SHMUPs, don’t you have to worry about registering on there? I believe on their main site, it says somewhere you can’t register if you’re using a “free” e-mail account like Yahoo!, Gmail, or anything like that. Otherwise you get instantly banned. Not sure why. Clembo2021, can you clarify? I’d like to register on there as well.

Also, networkingyuppy, that’s a great stick you’ve got there. I hope this thing sells soon, because you just can’t beat a nice case with Seimitsu parts! :bgrin:

Speaking of which, I know that the forum NeoGaf doesn’t use free email accounts either. It’s been over 2 years and my account is still not approved. :frowning:

I have a Gmail account and I had no problems signing up for SHMUPs. Also there’s no restrictions on trading that i know of. I’d link to your SRK feedback so they know you’re dependable tho.

Sale is now pending to helloween567 (Slot is still open if he doesn’t pick it up)

Updated. Stick is still up for sale.