WTS or WTT: PS3/360 Finkle Dual Modded Stick

I have a dual modded PS3/360 Sanwa in excellent condition, with an Ascii Optical stick attached to it. I’ve had it for a while now and its been greatly taken care of. I’m looking to sell this along with the optical stick, but I can also replace the JLF to reduce the cost of the item. Looking for $250 shipped firm, or trade for a custom stick. I can sell the case alone for 100 shipped, 140 shipped with PCB(No Buttons or Ascii)




If you’d part with the case only (no pcb/no parts) I’d be interested to see the price.


If the PCB has quick disconnects can you PM me with a price with the case (no stick/buttons) shipped to Canada?



So stoked to get my hands on this puppy.

Yeeeehawww, no more playing on the shitty pad.