WTS or WTT: Tekken 5 stick DOA4 stick

New Tekken 5 Ultimate Collectors Edition $70 or $60 w/o Game/Box shipped

Slightly used T5 stick, probably used less then 1hour total…$60 shipped

Dead or Alive 4 stick for 360 (I was only able to use this for a few days until the wiring got disconnected…Some dude tried to solder it back but did not know what he was doing…Not really sure how much this can go for but go ahead an make an offer…Trade to Akuma001 for Hack 360 PCB

Oh & if you live near Olympia, WA & willing to pick it up that’s cool…

You can have the following for:
Tekken 5 Bundle for $50
Tekken Sticks for $45 a piece

I’ve dealt with paik4life on a hack PS1 PCB x2 & went smooth
Here’s my ebay profile http://myworld.ebay.com/rcaido62rs I have 100% feedback…Ask me any questions & will reply to you ASAP

So either $60 for a used Tekken stick as opposed to $60 for a brand new bundle without the box?

Yup so first one who inquires gets dibbs on the new as oppose to the slightly used one…Like i said its only been used less than hour, so its practically brand new…Just being honest to my buyers…

so it says WTT on the thread title. im wonderin what would you want to trade for it

EDIT: for the t5 stick im interested in

Interested in the t5 stick, need to talk to one of my friend’s, ill get back too you asap.

  • Myke

I’ll put it on hold for you LiquidsmOke…

MaDWak, the only thing i’m interested in right now is a hack 360 PCB, maybe sota street fighter action figures…

is it possible to replace that art with something else for some extra $$ i dunno if it is, i thought id ask.

Sorry i have no modding skills…

eh, ill probably buy it tomorrow… can i get what shipping would be to Kenner Louisiana?

actually, i kind of need to know if it can be replaced… like… if i could replace it myself… if anyone would be so kind to answer my question.

Actually the $60 is already included with the shipping…Last time i shipped one of these out it cost me about $20 Ground & $30 Priority 2-3days…So if you want to upgrade to priority just add $10…I think insurance cost about $2…Making it $72 priority shipped…

My paypal is ryanlorene@yahoo.com PM me your info…Thanks

Aim: Dyeaftershock09
please aim if u can.
Rather talk IM’ing

Yes, you can replace the art. Search the Tech Talk forums and you’ll find your answer.

thank you Tingboy :slight_smile:

well got some opinions from some other people, and i think ima pass on the stick unless you could replace the art… ive been looking for a nice custom stick with w/e art on want on it… but i guess im asking for too much, sorry man…



T5 stick no longer on hold for LiquidsmOke
Dead or Alive 4 stick traded to Akuma001 for hack 360pcb

Hey if that tekken 5 stick still available?
I have some money right now, How much to ship to mexico my zip code is 77400 Mexico through USPS???

let me know I am very interested right now:wink:

If you do have some T5 sticks available, how many? and what condition are they in?