WTS: Original TMO Ms. Pacman Joystick! perfect gift

This is one of TMO’s well known fully built joysticks. It is equipped with:

Seimitsu LS 32 Joystick
Pink Sanwa Buttons.
Pink Seimitsu bubbletop.
Designed for use with Playstation 2 or PC, PS3 (with adapter)

I will include a standard Sanwa pink balltop, a Baby Blue Sanwa balltop, and akihabarashop pink meshball. Also included is a lagless PS3 adapter bought from user laugh. Great for emulators and even Ms. Pacman if you’d like.

It is extremely comfortable to play on, as the button layout and design conform to your natural hand position. This joystick has very little use. Under 10 hours of usage. So the parts are basically new. There is however chips in the paint from me not being careful.

This is all taken into account. Asking $155 shipped to continental us.

i will trade for a ps3 te stick.






looks like candy haha


damn,thats sweet. is the damage just paint, or is the actual wood chipped?

just paint, you can see the white primer underneath it.

is the art easily replaceable?

not really because the buttons are soldered on. its possible to replace the art. but i wouldnt call it easy.

I don’t know why you would wanna replace the art, the entire stick is fucking gorgeous.

lol this stick is awesome! just ask tmo what kind of paint he used and touch it up.

why do u have so many TMO sticks :smiley:

cuz they make the best sticks period

Is it $165 with the ball tips and the adapter? or just the stick alone.

$165 price is with all of that included.


Free bump for the awesome cleanliness of the wiring underneath. If I didn’t build my own custom sticks already, I would buy this in a heartbeat!

Augh, I can’t believe you chipped the paint on my favorite stick ever. I feel wounded.

Wow that stick is absolutely gorgeous. Everything about it looks smooooooooth.


Wow… very nice stick. bump for you!

chuc mung nam moi .


What delicious wiring. Freaking loving the TMO casing over the PCB!!! How slick.

price bizzump