WTS - P360, Happ buttons, DC Controllers and more!


Just have some extra stuff lying around that I don’t use, and figured other people could put them to use. Everything listed is the shipped price. Sorry for the crappy quality pics, only have my cell phone camera.

8 Happ Competition pushbuttons. 3 white, 3 red, 2 black. Never used. $15

P360 Happ joystick. I believe this is the “newer” version, but I am unsure. I bought this from Ponyboy about a year ago, but never used it. $27

Dreamcast Agetec Green Goblin PCB. $17

Sanwa TP-MA Replacement PCB Switch Assembly + Sanwa JLF-H 5-Pin Wiring Harness. Never used. $12

3 Official Dreamcast controllers. One clear blue, two grey. $10 each. $25 for all

Official Dreamcast VMU, and a 3rd party memory card. Official VMU - $5. 3rd Party memory card - $3

Also not shown is another Official Dreamcast VMU, in clear black. - $5

Paypal only. Thanks for looking!


bump, some price drops.


are these prices shipped?


yes, as long as you’re located in the US


bump again, more price drops and added another VMU


I so want that green goblin PCB. Has it been soldered too before or did you just never get around to it?