WTS: P360 sticks, random DC/XBox, GBA w/backlight

Some random stuff I found around the house for sale.

Gameboy Advance with Afterburner backlight mod - 40

Xbox 360 Guitar Hero World Tour - 10

Wii - Samba de Amigo - 10

DC Phantasy Star Online - 10
DC Bomberman Online - 10
DC Virtual On - 15

Xbox Guilty Gear X2 - 10
Xbox Wolfenstein - 5
Xbox Doom - 5
Xbox Prince of Persia - 5
All xbox games for 20

PC Quake 4 - 5
PC Half Life 2 - 10
Both for 13

XBOX 360 Fighting Stick EX2 - 25 (Red button does not work)
Blank dual stick case - 35(no buttons included)

Make offers, prices do not include shipping. Located in Los Angeles.








Are those WICO P360s?

wondering the same, if so and shinjn doesnt grab them ill take one. preferably the non broken one.

What condition is fire pro wrestling?

One of them says Wico on the bottom (the one with the missing prong), the other says everything the other says, but does not have Wico written on it. But I bought them at the same place, at the same time, so im not sure about the 2nd one.

Its in perfect condition.

If interested please PM me for paypal with your zip code for shipping.

Interested in that 3rd strike for dreamcast. You up for trades? You can check my thread to see if there’s anything you’d like. Link in sig.

Hope to hear back with good news. :slight_smile:

One P360 sold. Pics added.

Still for sale

Joysticks gone. Make offers on anything.

XBOX 360 Fighting Stick EX2 - 25 (Red button does not work)
Blank dual stick case - 35(no buttons included)

Tried to PM about Dual stick case but your box is full. I’d like to pick up if possible, I also live in LA. PM me pls.

Make offers.

Make offers.

You still got that dreamcast third strike?

Sorry not anymore.

Make offers.

Do you still have hori stick

Do you have more pics of that dual stick case? Also what are the dimensions? It fits American parts?

pm sent.

The EX2 fighstick looks dirty.