WTS: Pad collection: Saturn, PS2, Fightpad, PDP, + usb adapter


To the point, all together, with shipping: $60, but please read on for more information.


I’ve been a bit of an unintentional collector of pads. Then one day I decided to just buy a stick, and now they’re collecting dust. I love me some pads, but they aren’t getting any love back this way. So before I throw them up on ebay or something, I thought I’d see if anyone here was interested in picking up the lot. Because I’d very much prefer to sell to someone here, and I’d like to sell them all together, I’ll try to make the price very reasonable. Just keep in mind that I estimated the price by doing a few quick ebay/amazon searches, and I welcome a counter offer.

A few comments on each controller follows.

Sega Saturn: Some think of this as the best pad for fighting games. I agree the pad is excellent. Because of its age, it has signs of use, but nothing major. Works perfectly (with adapter).

PS2: This is an original DualShock. I find the build quality is excellent, it has a good weight to it and a thick cable, and the controller has only minimal signs of use. With the adapter, I’ve played most modern games with it, for which it is great.

For these 2 controllers, It can happen that you need to use a piece of free lightweight software for some games, like X360CE, which lets the pad pretend it is an xbox 360 controller. In many cases, you don’t need it, but it lets you configure the buttons more easily. If you buy from me, and you need help configuring it, I’ll gladly help you out.

SFxT Madcatz Fightpad S (the second, slightly smaller edition) for Xbox 360: Its rubbers have worn through for some of the buttons and need replacing which is unfortunately common with these otherwise great pads. Replacing the rubbers, if you want to, is an easy operation! They would be cheap to buy, but perhaps not very commonly available. This pad is also commonly used for “padhacks” to mod a playstation stick for xbox 360. It’s also the pad Snake Eyez uses, unless he’s switched to the new models. (But they’re like $50)

**PDP Xbox 360 Versus controller: **A fun experimental pad that has an alternative D-pad with microswitches inside of it, giving a satisfying click when you hit the proper directionals. The buttons also have that click. It’s plug and play on pc in most cases, because it’s for xbox 360. It has slight wear on the stick, but looks pretty much new asides from that.

Mayflash adapter: Can take Saturn, PS2 and N64 controllers and turns them into usb. Good as new.

That’s about it. Questions, just ask. :slight_smile:

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