WTS: Pad hacks - 360, PS2, etc

***Originally I was doing this as a service while on Vacation from work. I am now back at work, but finding the time to still keep this going.

I will continue to take queues of 5 projects at a time as long as I feel I am able to continue with a reasonable turn around on these. ***

If anyone needs a pad hacked, let me know and I’ll do it cheap.

I’ll do $25 for a pad you supply, or $50 for one that I need to buy.

If anyone is interested just pm me with any questions.

Current Queue:

  • Tim Static (2nd project) - Finished/ Ready to deliver
  • Voltech - 2 pads finished, 1 left
  • Sasuke182 - Finished/Shipped
  • Azianmaxxx - Finished/Shipped

Finished Projects:

  • Tim Static - Delivered
  • Zapf - Delivered
  • BurnerAzR - Delivered
  • GB3 - Delivered
  • 4Lefty - Delivered

Could you rewire a SFIV fight pad?

I have one that i just want 2 buttons switched. let me know. :slight_smile:

What 360 PCBs would you be using?

PM’ed. :wonder:

hmmm. That’s an interesting question. I’m not sure I can. The buttons on a pad are basically pieces of rubber with a conductive material on bottom of the buttons. When you press them they just connect to the points on the pcb that corresponds to that button.

There aren’t actually any wires inside the pad, so it’s not like I could snip one here and attach it somewhere else.

I’m sure it’s entirely possible to mess with the pcb on the pad, and cut traces, reconnect to other spots, etc. But that’s a mess and not something I could do comfortably and promise I won’t fuck up your pad, lol.

Of course if you meant a “Fight Stick”, then yeah, I can do that easy.

I will use what your project requires. Depends on if you need common or seperate grounds, etc. The added $25 if I buy your pad is basically for me to go out and get a used pad that will work for what you need.

Got it.

retracing the fightpad wouldn’t be too hard lucky. i’ve done it with a few and it’s way less work than stick wiring. you should give it a shot for educational purposes. there’re pics of it around tech talk and i’m just gonna take a wild guess that tim wants MK layout. :slight_smile:

edit: and if you wire to one of the thin traces just make sure you crazy glue or hot glue afterwards. i’d recommend just xacto’ing a small part of the button contact points near the trace to solder to.

I know for a fact I could do it. I would just rather do it on a test one before I decide to charge someone for it (not like I would charge Tim, but you know).

I’ve fixed traces before, so it’s not hard. But I can’t promise someone I’ll do it without knowing what the inside of that specific controller looks like.

Plus, it sounds to me like you just volunteered your services, so there you go Tim. :wgrin:

solder gives me a bad case of the canker. it’s all you bud! :slight_smile:

i did a button swap on those old nuby fightpads that weren’t even set up for the default 3s config. sad. the sf4 pad is interesting since all the necessary shit is in a spot in the middle the size of a vmu almost. i bought it to cut down for a tiny project box then realized the traces in the center were super thin and not worth the effort just to sell.

Well, I have a Ken pad I’ll donate if either one of you want to try it. I just want the left shoulder button to be the LB or LT and the right shoulder RB or RT.

also, since I got Jose here too, either one of you two want to drill a 2 holes into my MK control panel and then add new buttons to the entire control panel, and re wire it? I have to switch control panels so i can use it for SB4, so let me know. lol Thanks!

Yeah sure I’ll give it a shot, send me a pm.

I can do any sort wiring and upgrading, at the moment I don’t have a reliable drill though.

you can bum my drill if you’re willing to pick it up. i’d do that stuff for ya tim but i dont work cheap anymore. lucky’s the new savior. :slight_smile:

Cool, I got your PM. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

lol its cool bro :slight_smile:

I might be looking your way next spring (aka tax season) about a Mame cab like Brents (old one?)…anywho, take care bro…and as always, let me know if you need anything. :slight_smile:

Thanks for picking up those pads from me yesterday, Lucky. and sorry for not recognizing you. lol :frowning:

Sent you a pm

how easy would it be to take a brand new PS3 SE stick, and make it a Gamecube stick? :slight_smile:

It would be ‘do it in my sleep’ easy.


regular Gamecube pad pcb?

and I have 2 or 3 Mad Catz 360 pad PCBs. need some? :slight_smile:

PM sent.

yes and yes.

pms responded to.

FYI, I’ve updated the current queue with progress on each person’s project.

Only two people left to do work on, one is already underway.