WTS : Panasonic Viera 32x1 *Lagless 32"* Local only

Up for sale is my panny viera 32x1, used lightly for about 2 months.
This tv was tested by Cicada, myself, and others to actually have less input delay then the oh-so-fabled-Evo monitor.
Whereas the Asus consistently will have about** 7-8ms average (about 1/2 frame), the panasonic viera under the same situations produced an astonishing 0.267ms average** via VGA input.
This tv uses an IPS panel (like the Vewlix F model arcade cabinet) and is discontinued. Don’t be fooled by amazon and other retailers claiming to still sell new models, they will try to suggest the s1 as a substitute once you’ve ordered.
Local pick up only, $350

What exactly is your location? Google maps doesn’t seem to recognize Trollbridge, VA.

Woodbridge VA
I can bring it to MD though too. I go to Xanadu games in baltimore md weekly to stream

I just looked up Xanadu games and it’s nice to know there’s a place like that near me. I’m just new to the area so I don’t know places where they have decent arcades or anything like Xanadu. I’m rather interested in your TV since I’m currently working on a cabinet but it’s on hold right now (wife imposed a temporary spending freeze). Hopefully I get some funds soon and I’ll hit you up on that TV.