WTS: Panzer Dragoon Saga

I have a really nice condition Panzer Dragoon Saga, U.S. version, for the Sega Saturn. The instruction manual is flawless and the other papers are just a little wilted, nothing out of the ordinary for such an old game/fragile case. The discs themselves are all completely flawless, no scratches or anything.

As far as the game itself, it’s the rarest Saturn game only like 10k printed and it’s actually a really good game if you like JRPGs blah blah blah, also if you care about this sort of thing it has the black sleeve which means it’s from the first 5000 and thus rarer

The most recent two auctions on ebay went for 165 and 167, so let’s say 165 shipped? Price drop: $148 shipped

Wanna trade for sticks :wink: ?

sweeet game too much for my blood. if you’re flexible on price let me know if not that’s fine. i’d like to add this to my collection. it would go right next to my radiant silvergun ;d

oh god i wish i had money sooo bad right now.

Got a Comic Con TE for PS3?

I’ll be flexible on price if it doesn’t sell for a while, though eventually I’ll just toss it up on e-bay.

i’ve got a comic con TE ps3 new in box but i paid 280 for it :frowning:

Saga is my fav game of all time, I wouldn’t be able to sell it, but good luck on its sale.

Personally I collected every Panzer Dragoon game, including the R-Zone one :wink:

I like it too but my Saturn is just collecting dust and I figured I would share the love and let someone else experience the game :pleased:

Good man. I used to have this game too. I paid I think $120 for it in 2000 and played through it almost twice before putting it up on ebay for more or less what I paid for it. Definitely not a cookie cutter RPG and every RPG gamer should give this a try and if they don’t like it then pass it along.

Bump for price drop to 155 shipped.

Ironically I bought my copy for $20 (impossible now!!!) when it came out, since the saturn was practically dead, lucked out heh! Good luck again!

  • This is exactly what I’ve been meaning to do for years. I just wish I had more time in the day to actually sit down and finish a game.

Good luck with the sale.

Price dropped again! :party:

sorry i didnt get back to you. good luck with sales bro. free bump