wts:Panzer fightstick shell, madcatz se shell and etc


I only ship CONUS unless buyer is willing to pay difference

First up is a madcatz SE shell only $30 shipped


Jasen customs panzer shell 8button vewlix layout Fiance wants it so I’m keeping it
Tekken Tag 2 B15 stick TRADED
Madcatz fightstick pro (red) shell only not original art will include 6 button plexiglass $65 shipped SOLD
Will add more and pics a bit later PM for more details




PM =)


Pics of panzer are up


Pics of fightstick pro up


I’ll take the pro. I can send payment on Thursday. Pm sent.


Payment pending on pro


Pro is sold


why is there chapstick in the panzer ?
-and is it included ?


Good fucking eye haha


I’m sure he appreciates the bumps, but the guy who makes the panzers lives in my area and I think they’re awesome sticks.


My daughter lol and no it’s not included


B15 added with pics


That’s a clean B15 stick. I remember seeing it before. GLWS.


B15 traded


Updated OP


I want that Chap-Stic just because. LoL.


You might have trouble selling that panzer at $110 when people can have a brand new one shipped for $107.90. https://www.jasenscustoms.com/TankStick-TS.html


Shipping is 17.95


The price of $107.90 includes shipping. Select local pick up from the drop down menu and the price goes down to $89.95.