WTS: Parting out Xbox360 Round 1 TE also extra buttons bat tops

Parting out a round 1 Xbox TE, everything except the joystick cause one micro switch on it is bad. Honestly I don’t know what prices to put on everything except the buttons. I have been scanning th forums for board prices but have not seen any so far. So please just make offers. *edit I also have the original box if anyone is interested. *Edit the joystick with the faulty micro switch is a Seimetsu ls-32

$14.00 - 6 Dark Hai buttons slightly used *On hold for heddtrauma
$13.00 - 6 White buttons slightly used *On hold for heddtrauma
$2.00 - Sanwa Bat Top (Red or White) *SOLD to Ibeatu
$1.00 - 2 black button plugs. *SOLD to Ibeatu
Original box and Case on hold for PUNKPC

Prices are for shipped in the US. For every other part please make me a offer.




Bat tops and buttons plugs gone to IbeatU


PM’d about buttons.

did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone who paid for items, your items were shipped today. Sorry about the delay but the snow came and things shutdown!